E-commerce Development

We are an all-in-one provider of E-commerce development services including B2C Marketplaces, BE2B Trade Platforms, and E-Commerce Aggregators. We have a diverse network of products that are built with an aim of improving the workability of your brand including websites, mobile and desktop apps, CRMs, CMSs, e-commerce automation platforms and many other solutions that our clients can suggest. We follow a very well structured process to make sure we provide for our clients. The first step of the process is to perform business analysis on the suggested idea. Through this, our team of engineers will be able to define the end-user needs, after which the development begins. The development process also followed a well-engineered path, before a minimum viable product (MVP) is provided to the client for a pilot test. The deal is then finalized and the product launched with the client getting required authorization and support from our staff.

eCommerce development

E-commerce Services

Woocommerce Development


Being a free service, it however takes the technical experience to create a fully functional and secure platform. In Synaptica, we have made it our mission to boost brand sales by helping them to create engaging, effective and user-friendly eCommerce platforms. We also rebuilt woocommerce website to make them meet the client’s expectations. Apart from custom woocommerce development, we offer another service such as custom module development, migration to woocommerce, maintenance and support, woocommerce plugin development and woocommerce theme development.

Magento development


Synaptica is a certified Magento development agency with up to 5 years of e-commerce development using Magento. We deliver solutions for both B2B and B2C agencies. We have the best team, who have mastered the art of Magento coding techniques and integrations. We are also a Magento 2 certified agency which is an ultimate business-ready platform.

Shopify Development


Shopify is among the largest and the most innovative e-commerce platform in the world today. We have the best and affordable Shopify related services including custom development, theme development and custom coding. We create Shopify sites that are SEO friendly, beautiful, and user-friendly.

Opencart Development


With Opencart offering features such as wide graphic range, API integration, advanced Module development, secure payment gates, and unique themes, it may be the best option for your e-commerce idea. Synaptica has engineers that are highly experienced in handling many forms of data, and presenting e-commerce platforms in ways that are way out of this world. We offer Opencart solutions to small, medium and large enterprises at affordable prices.

Prestashop development


In regards to Prestashop development, Synaptica offers services ranging from theme customization, hassle-free module development, secure payment gateway integration, responsive application development and many others. To meet the world’s competitive market demands, you have to go to the market with a competitive application that has both appealing appearance and functionality. Our developers have an intense understanding of technologies such as PHP, HTML, MySQL, CSS and MVC architecture which is a vital component of the development process.

Custom Ecommerce Development


Have an e-commerce idea that has been burning inside you but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, that’s our purpose and we are available to get you through the software development process, till you are able to deliver to your customers. Accompanied by our B2B and B2C portals, is a bridge that exists between your business and your clients. We take an agile development approach to create custom solutions for CRM’s, legacy systems, ERP’s etc. Get your quote today, and let’s bring to life that idea you have always held to.